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This reply from Anne Hensley of Stevenage Homes dated January 31, 2012

Further to my email of 20 December 2011, I am now able to answer your queries.

Sorry for the delay in responding but I’ve been caught up with calculating the estimated charges for next financial year for the last few weeks.

My responses are shown in red on your original email below.

The list for The Towers repairs 2011 was sent as an Excel spread sheet in 2011, which is a great improvement. I have been busy, so I only queried the things that really stood out. Below is a copy of the queriers

Order Ref Raised Comp Description Inv
621636/1 23/03/2010 15 Apr 2010 CCTV attached to the IRS system £1,260.00

In the letter dated 1 April 2010 where this was discussed the purpose of this was to allow residents to view visitors on their TV set before allowing access. I can not find a CCTV channel on the IRS system.

This was referred to my colleague who deals with all issues relative to the IRS and he has advised me that we have contacted the contractors and asked them to look into this, check out the system and advise us of the outcome.  Once we have their comments I will let you know.

Order Ref Raised Comp Description Inv
627181/1 27/04/2010 27 Apr 2010 EMERGENCY LIGHTING:RENEW SELF CONTAINED FITTING £1,080.30

This seems very high, what do we get for this?

This works order was actually for replacing 15 stairwell lights – unfortunately the description shown on the repairs list doesn’t show this information therefore the cost appears rather excessive.

Order Ref Raised Comp Description Inv
636744/1 01/07/2010 28 Jul 2010 renew ramp to bin stores 1500mm x 64″ top made of 1″ ply. 2″x2″ x 10m needed to make frame. to be made on site as floor is not level £177.28
636744/2 02/07/2010 5 Jul 2010 renew ramp to bin stores – paint in anti-slip paint. (painter). cp appt to make 29/7 £50.65
641199/1 29/07/2010 27 Aug 2010 Paint new ramp with non-stick paint. Ramp is by the bin stores. £623.68

Again this seems high,£623.68 to paint a ramp?

636744/1 – this was for the cost of the carpenter making the ramp

636744/2 – the description does not give enough information.  This job was for additional timber work and the cost of applying one coat of primer.

641199/1 – again the description is not sufficient.  This charge covered the cost of 2 coats of non-slip paint but the majority of the charge (nearly £500) was the cost of supplying and fitting a handrail to the wall.

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